5 fashion trends for this summer !!

Hello people!! It’s summer and we all need to make some stylish changes. Let’s find out which are the best 5 trends for this season.

1. Hippie on the beach , Hippie on the street
Long and airy dresses that will billow in the breeze are a must have this summer. Plus boho-chic and hippie-chic are trending. Imagine something like Janis Joplin but more casual . Round sunglasses, colorful prints and unique clothing are a good choice for you not only at the beach but at work as well.

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2. Khaki
Khaki has become an old-time classic. And N-O-W is making a very strong comeback !! We could easily say that it’s a unique color and suits everyone without exception. Generally Khaki is worn casually, but choosing the right accessories and shoes can transform entirely the outfit to something really chic, professional and sexy.

3. Denim
This trend is based on a large spectrum of clothing. From faded blue jeans to vivid and electric ones, Denim is one of the favourite trends. Denim dresses, jumpsuits, jackets and shirts will be a “must” . Denim outfits are very casual and comfortable. They are ideal for every occasion.

4. Lace
Delicate fabrics that played on the transparency of ethereal white lace are trending. Especially the ones that reveal bare skin. This trend has a very romantic and amiable character. The combination of white color and delicate lace is so strong and literary lifts a veil of love and desire.


5. Polka dot
Polka dot is a simple print that has burst joyously into our fashion lives. But this is strictly only in black and white. Polka dot is a fashionable and very brave choice . It is playful and gives a different “color” to the whole outfit. It could be worn everywhere ! From the office to the park and from work to a very casual walk.



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