Beard-On !

Hello everyone!! We are gonna talk about the – very known – ” Bearded Beauties” !! Beard is famous, people!! Period. It’s literally everewhere!!! No matter where you look. Left, there’s a hottie with a beard. Right, (oh guess what?) a hottie with a very nice beard ! It’s enjoyable annoying !!! But let’s face it !! Beard is H-O-T!!However, that hipster style is getting a little bit outdated , but that doesn’t chage the fact that beard’s sexy and brings out the superiority of a Neatherdal man everyone has inside him.And compared to all those weak beardless “boys” , who don’t have it in them to grow one , beard is the ultimate thing that definatelly wakes up the manliness. Anyway! Beard is an all-time classic .
There are many kinds of beards though. But only a few of them are very popular and intrigue the famale population ! Let’s take a look!

1. Disigner Stubble
The disigner stubble is also known as ” 5 o’clock shadow” . Long story short, it is a short growth of beard , aimed to apeared a rugged musculine apearance.

2. Profesional Beard
This kind of beard gives to the face definition and strong character.

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3. Full Beard

This is the most popular kind of beard. Full Beard is classy and insires virility. When someone sports a full beard, that says that he is ” the man ” . If you get what i mean! šŸ˜‰ It’s a sign for self- confidance and boldness. Love It!!!!

4. Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard has a rough appearance. The last few years was a very common beard style and most of the time is related to hipsters. It’s a style lots of people are fond of. The hipster beard is an effortless and unkempt look.


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