Everyday difficulties….can we face them?

It is a widely-accepted fact that living in the today everyday world comes with a cost and we should be ready to face the problems that may occur in order to improve ourselves and achieve our goals. First things first, we must also accept the fact that if we want to live our lives to the fullest we should be energetic and optimistic 24/7. Secondly. we should only be willing to try new things and make changes.

Here are some steps that I follow in order to improve my everyday routine;

1 .Morning wake up! We must never intimidate the importance of waking up happily. Remember how many times you woke up being nervous and feeling tired and then the rest of the day was similarly bad. But how can we avoid this?Easily…Keep in mind that every day you should enjoy the little things.So… tomorrow morning just the moment you ‘ll wake up, smile, stretch and enjoy how comfortable you feel lying in your bed. Then, before you start your day create a plan in your mind of how you want your day to look like. In this way you get ready for the rest of the day,no matter how hard may be.

  1. The next step includes  a big smile…You can smile to whoever is at home (your family) in order to show them how happy you are and make their day too. In this way, you bring out your positive energy and without realizing it you don’t only help others but also yourself.Try to keep this positive attitude during the whole day!!!(I know it is not that easy!)
  2. You should take advantage of every minute during the day! At no case you should let your hours being wasted by doing things that you don’t enjoy or just doing nothing(that’s worse!).Even when you don’t have the opportunity to do the activities that you enjoy, you should try to be optimistic and creative. In this way you will be able to gain even from the worst hours spent at school or at work.

4.It is all about priorities! It is important to have priorities in your life ,because only then you can understand what truly matters to you and helps you improve. You should categorize your needs and realize which of them should be covered urgently and which not. By doing so you will avoid being overloaded with things that do not really matter to you! Don’t forget that you should leave some time for resting too.

  1. Communicating! Even when you have a full program at school or at work you should always spend a part of your day socializing with friends or relatives. It is a physical need, communicating and sharing your interests with people that you love.

So these are the steps that you should keep in mind and never forget!!!

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