How many times do you avoid doing things that you love just because you have so much in mind?When you end up at the end of the day doing nothing but thinking about what you did a day ago or a problem that you may be facing …then you know that you suffer from an easily curable  ”desease” called OVERTHINKING!
What is this and what can we do to avoid it?

1.When you spend your whole day doing things  that you have to and you don’t enjoy then it is an inevidable consequence suffering from OVERTHINKING.This happens because when you do things that you like ,you don’t need to put a special effort but when it comes to jobs that others have asked you to do… then you spend more time thinking of how you could avoid them rather than finishing them.In a nutshell,try to do things that you like in order to be successful!
2.Don’t pay attention at things that don’t really matter to you!I know that living in today’s world comes with a cost (as I always say) and having a full-time job or schooll does not let you with a lot of free time.However you should try to prioritise your jobs or problems and be self-disciplined in order to avoid gathering useless information or facing problems that do not even exist.
3.The last thing you should keep in mind is setting goals and staying true to yourself.As I always say “If you follow others plans, you have lot of friends but if you don’t ,you have your LIFE!”.At no case you should consider your friend’s problems as yours.In this way you will feel your head burning without even having a problem… This is how you end up… Suffering from OVERTHINKING!!!!!
Always keep in mind ” The only problem you really have to face is YOURSElF!!!”




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