5 fashion trends for this summer #Vol. 2

Hi everyone!!! Let’s take a closer look to another 5 big fashion trends for this summer!! Let me know what you think! 😉

1. Pop Art
Pop art?? Hmmm… Such an intriguing, but ( a little bit ) strange choise. This summer trend combines; Circle motifs, Bright colors and bold stripes that gives a truly unique and vibrant display. Pop art style couldn’t be described as casual . Although it creates such playful outfits that are appropriate for a stylish and with attitude walk and of course for something more official.


2. Feathers
Feathers and fringing are a must-have this season! Especially in a dark and glossy black color! This trend is very elegant and reminds me exotic birds and maybe a black swan… An outfit like this is very sexy ! Feathers and fringing could be worn better at an event that takes place in a ballroom, perhaps? :-/ However hot this trend might be, it is very difficult to fit into our everyday style.

3. Bold red
The last few years red was not a very strong part of our outfits. But this season RED does a very strong come-back in the runway! From light red to bold and vibrant red . This color is actually combined with some blue splashes or blue stripes. This Bold Red is the perfect piece of clothing that can totally transform our outfit, day and night!

4. Black n’ white Tuxedos
Well….This summer Black and white tuxedos are the best outfit for work. This suits are experimenting with the codes of femininity. There is an air of confidence and professionalism. This isn’t enough? Add to this look a seventies twist and turn the pants into flares and BOOM!! Generally speaking this minimalist outfit is the best choice for the office and fairly wins place to our wardrobe.

5. Kimonos
Welcome to the japanese world! The Kimono proved to be an inspiration for this summer! The long silhouettes tied at the waist and the variety of kimonos’ colors are distinctive! The oversized belts add to the whole outfit!! Kimonos constitute appropriate for every occasion. It could be casual but it could be professional and elegant!


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