Summer Village; Greece

Hello people!!

This year i had this idea, to travel this summer in different places in south europe. I’d chosen to visit Greece first and then Italy. But after 2 weeks touring Greece I decided not to go to Italy after all and spend the rest of my vocation there. I fell in love with Greece ! I just couldn’t help it !! Touring Greece was a very beautiful experience!! All those little villages and picturesque towns were amazing!! Not only this but the natural beauty and the greek culture are everything a traveller wants! Suffice it to say that he knows where to look at!

Well, enough with the general information !!! Today I’m gonna show you my favourite place in the whole world! It’s a small village in north Greece, named Arkoxori, which means the bears’ village. This place has a unique aura. It’s like the air is different. When I first saw the breathtaking view of the mountain and walked on the paved road , I knew that i was done for. The food amazing ( just for the record, this holiday cost me 5 pounds of more weight ) !!! The people where very friendly and helpful!! I don’t know what else to say to you about it, just take a look yourself at the pics below!


4 thoughts on “Summer Village; Greece

  1. I know people that have lived and visit there. The pictures are amazing and I have thought about going. Glad you enjoyed it, despite the turmoil that is ongoing there. Great pics. Always nice to see the world I want to see before I see it. Did that make sense? Lol

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    1. Emily, it was just amazing !!! Period !!! Words can’t describe the quality of this experience!! I undoubtedly recommend you to visit ! However I did was a little concerned about the economic state of the country at first, but that didn’t get in the way of my vocation after all. 😇😀 Yes I actually understand what you’re saying. That’s what I do myself ! Ha-ha 💋💋


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