Oatmeal; The Revolution Of facial Masks

Who needs to go to a spa to have a great and effective facial mask? Yes! The answer is no one!

  • Why? because everyone eats oatmeal!
  • And how does this answer the question? Well… Because Oatmeal is now part of very effective  homemade facial mask for sensitive skin .

This mask is great for soothing chapped, sunburned or otherwise irritated skin. Ideal for summer season.

What do you need : In order to make this kind of facial mask all you need is

  1. 1 cup natural yogurt ( creamy and thick yogurt is prefered )
  2. 1/2 cup oatmeal ( any type )
  3. a couple of  tablespoons of honey
  4. and ❤  LOVE ❤ ( just kidding )

Now follow the next simple steps and you’ll have a fabulous homemade facial mask!

Step 1. Mix the ingredients together

Step 2. Gently apply the mask to your face and neck

Step 3. Let it set for 10-15 minutes

Step 4.  Wash off the mask with a washcloth steamed in the microwave (careful not to be very hot) .

Step 5. Ta-Da!!! Now your skin is so bright and smooth, isn’t it? I bet it is!

Love ,

The FashionTraveller

P.S. Let me know the results and what you think! xoxo


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