What is Love?

Take a moment and ask yourself to define what ‘Love’ is. You’ll find that it’s one of the most difficult questions to answer because it can encompass a whole world of definition. These people take a shot at defining what it means to them.

Watch as some are overwhelmed with emotion while others just simply giggle. All of their responses are fascinating. But it’s the 105-year-old grandfather who is moved to tears that defines what love means to him that really sets off the waterworks. 😰

What does love mean to you?? How many different ways could you define it?


2 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Having lost my dad almost two years ago, seeing a grandfather with a grandchild is very moving to me. I’m moving toward that phase of my life now with my husband, and it is hard to know what I’ll miss not having my dad around. But, along the lines of this post, I have found many unexpected and non-traditional sources of love all around me to help fill my heart.

    Keep sharing this wonderful web content.

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    1. Hello Megan,
      I’m very sorry for your loss ! Father’s love is irreplaceable! I know ! But remember that love is all around you and it’s in your hands to find your true love!
      I really appreciate your comment and thoughts! Your opinion matters to me the most!
      Katherine x ❤

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