10 hilarious accidents on the Beach!

Hello people!!

I just came home from the beach! It was amazing! I really enjoyed the sun and the sea! However I noticed some things that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes annoying. Let’s start the countdown!

  1.  Awkward wet marks from bathing suit. Well, no comment at all !
  2. Stinky wet towels and bathing suits in your laundry. You go ONE time to the beach. ONE freaking time. And then, when you get home ( finally ) all you have to do for the next week is do the laundry . 
  3. Having to get in the water to pee.Ammm… yeah!
  4. Sand in your shoes. Totally annoying! you can’t even walk..?!
  5. Not getting sunblock in the middle of your back. 
  6. Sunscreen in your eyes. And then what? Wash your eyes with seawater? Not in a million years…
  7. Wind. Sometimes weather just don’t want you to enjoy your relaxing trip to the beach.
  8. Wet dogs shaking water at you
  9. Sand in your car….. FOREVER. When you get in it feels like the car will disappear … somehow… :/
  10. Mean birds ( maybe stealing your stuff ). They are just horrible! I’m afraid just to look at them. 

I hope you enjoyed these hilarious moments on the beach and I’m sure you have seen and/or experience some of them or similar ones! 😉 Let me know your experiences on the beach in the comments below! 

c ya,

the FashionTraveller ❤


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