Best Meal Ever!

Hello everyone!!
As you must already know, I’m on vocation in Greece !! And I’m having the time of my life!! ❤
I’m having so much fun !!
Well, I’m writing this post to let you know that today I realized that Greece in not only a beautiful place but also an amazing culture and folk !!
I met so nice people!! I’m really moved and touched !! They are very welcoming and helpful! It’s nothing like other countries . 😸
I’ll tell you once more that I have fallen in love with Greece!!! ❤❤❤ I night never go back home!!
An extra point is the food!! To tell you that I’ll leave this place twice my size is sufficient.
Let me introduce you to the best food EVER !! 😇😇😁😁 It’s called Souvlaki!! It’s actually little pieces of meat with a stick !! So so so delicious!! I ate 5 of them . Literally couldn’t stop eating!! Frustrating !! Anyway it was So Worth it!!




Di you want one??
I think you envy me!! Hehehe… Lucky me!!! Souvlaki is the B-E-S-T!!
And let’s take a look at the place I was eating because I think that this is also very important !! The place is called Gerakini, Chalkidiki! Beautiful!



That's supposed yo be the moon...



I hope you liked the post!! Let me know on the comments below!!! 😉 😉 😉
Love u,
The FashionTraveller


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