The…different Outfit!Or Not?

Hello my beautiful readers!!!

The sun is shining and everyone wants to feel good! And what’s better than making an outfit change? Or not?

In this article you will see by yourself that Simplicity and Elegance is the best change! People nowadays forget this. The result is that they seek for something dressy and over-the-top, when in reality it is just hideous. Just like that;

What the hell is this? A tree? Come on , people!!
What the hell is this? A tree? Come on , people!!

Or like that;

Is he even a man? He doesn't look like one ... Damn society!
Is he even a man? He doesn’t look like one … Damn society!

So if you are looking for trying something new and fresh, just go back to the basics. Your all-time-classic clothes will look brand new and the outfit will undoubtedly stand out!

Let me show you what i mean;

  1. Why don’t you try something like jeans, a shirt and a glamorous pair of sunglasses? Like this? Kinda a morning outfit?

  1. Or like this one? More sporty?

  1. Maybe something more classy and professional?

Well , as you can see, this simple outfits rock!!!! They are simple, but Don’t You Dare Tell Me They are not FABULOUS!!! ‘Cause they are !!!!

Whould you wear any of these? Or are they just so simple for your taste?

Tell me what you think!! Leave a comment below! And of course don’t forget to like!!!

Kisses, hon!!

The FashionTraveller


9 thoughts on “The…different Outfit!Or Not?

  1. Thank you for connecting with me. Your insight will come in handy as I work on reinventing my wardrobe. The picture of the “man” in ruffles took my breath away. My hand was literally on my chest. Thanks for following.

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    1. Hello Candice!
      I’m glad i could help you! Stay tuned for further infos, tipps and ideas I will provide in the nexts posts!
      I really enjoy connecting with other people from all around the world! Thanks for the follow! I love reading all the comments!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. Any advice for a person who is shrinking at a consistent rate? I am super excited that my clothes don’t fit as they are now too big, but I would end up purchasing more clothing that would also be too big within a blink of an eye. Your thoughts?

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        1. Well, I’m not an expert at this but I have a few ideas that might help you!
          1. Wait until your weight is more stabilized and then buy clothes at this size
          2. Or wait until you reach your desirable weight , try to keep it at this size and then purchase the clothes
          3. Buy one-size clothes, that will look great at every size
          4. Buy clothes that will look nice either way. For example; basic stuff, t-shirts, or a tight pencil skirt…
          5. Wear bold colors that will point out your ” new” body
          Well I might come up with more ideas !! Maybe I’ll feature them in a new post just for you!! 😇😇 Weight loss and clothes are a very interesting theme that concerns lots of women!!
          I hope I helped you a little!! 😁😁

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You totally should do that! It would encourage and inspire a lot of women going through transition. Bright colors, #5 is my favorite. I am queen of bright colors. So much so I have been called Rainbow Brite or a box of crayons 😛 I try to tone it down depending on my mood 😉


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