5 tipps about shopping clothes when your body is changing every day


Losing weight is very hard. I know from personal experience. But when the results are making an appearance, you see that all your work is rewarded!

Losing weight is a grueling process and a great one!

But what happens when you are shrinking and shrinking? That is the question.

How can you possibly shop for clothes and show off your new physique, when your body is changing every day?

These questions concern everyone who goes through this difficult phase in life.

So here I am ! In this article I’ll show you the basic points, in order to look good when you are losing weight every day!

Let’s get started!

1. Don’t feel like you need to change your whole wardrobe

Take a minute and examine your closet. Look for outfits and clothes that will fit you the best. You don’t have to buy tones of new clothes. You just have to find some pieces that are suitable in your situation. You only have to stick with the clothes that you know look good on you. It takes brains, not brawn. Keep that in mind and you’ll be good!

2. Invest in some new accessories 

Jewelery, bags and shoes are not size specific. That’s why they help you feel comfortable and attractive. Plus, they complete the look and give you a new aura. I personally love shoes. You’ll tell me ; ” who don’t ?” . But when you are through a tough battle with you body and your clothes you want to invest and bet on something else, to make you look fantastic!

3. Find your personal color 

My advice to you is to find the color that flatters you the most and stick with it. Black, navy, charcoal, olive and espresso brown are the most flattering colors. But there are exceptions, as well. You only have to find it. Try different colors and I’m sure you’ll find the One. But you must wear or buy the color/ colors that look amazing and not something else. Why wear something that take a B- , when you can wear something that take an A+?

4. Belt it out 

This is a very important point. Belts have to be your Best friends. They help you look more stylish and like a fashion expert. Don’t doubt that! What’s more, they highlight your new body and physique. For example, if your blouse is a little too big on you, you can add a skinny belt and it’ll show off immediately your waist.

5.Go for slimming Cuts 

Last but not least. Don’t break up your body.This is a typical mistake that many of you do. For example, wearing skin-tight pants and shirt and adding a huge belt is not flattering. Why don’t you try something like a dress? Dresses are great! Or try to wear a skirt and top that are the same color or tones of the same one. Wearing is white shirt and a black skirt or pants are a NO-NO. If you want to add a belt then make sure it is in the same color, too, or maybe a little darker.

What do you think? Did I help you enough? Would you try out my ideas?

That’s all for now! I hope I could help you all! Keep trying and looking great! But don’t forget that staying healthy is more important that looking good! 

Share with me your thoughts and opinions! Like and leave a comment below! Share with your friends and loved ones if you think that this article will help them!

Take care!


11 thoughts on “5 tipps about shopping clothes when your body is changing every day

  1. Bravo! This was/is brilliant. The advice is very good. I think, for me, I need to branch out. I have not really gone shopping for so long as I had no idea how to dress my larger sized body. I looked great naked, it was when I got dressed that things went down hill lol. But using belts was something I had not thought of. And goodness, who doesn’t love shoes and jewelry! Thank you for giving me more delight in finding my “new” pretty! 😀

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          1. Absolutely! In the span of 9 years I went from a size 6 to a 18 and now I am going back down again. Stress was my main weight gainer. Within about a month I have gone down to a 14 sliding quickly into a 12. It feels good on so many different levels.

            Liked by 1 person

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