Serena Williams; Athlete with Golden Heart

Hello everyone!

The purpose of me writing this post is to present my favourite sports person. My favourite sportswoman is Serena Williams. Below I will extensivelyvery inspirational explain the reason why.

Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player, who currently ranks No.1 in women’s single tennis. She was born in a small town inMichigan, but her family often moved from one place to another. As a result, she had no permanent residence until recently. She comes from a big family and had a really difficult childhood. However, she started playing tennis from the age of four and never stopped since. From the start, Serena demonstrated her talent and with lots of practice she managed to reach to the top being one of the best women tennis players. But sometimes things went wrong. She suffered some serious injuries keeping her off the court. Besides, Serena herself admitted in an interview that she was also suffering from depression for a long time and that held her from moving on with her career. Yet, she kept going and got over every difficulty she faced becoming the No.1, the best! She is thous a perfect example of will power and success. Serena teaches everyone that a champion is novery inspirational williamst about how they win, but about how they recover from their falls: no matter how hard they fall, they have to find the strength to get up and start again!

What I also need to say is that Serena Williams is not only a successful tennis player, but she is also a very kind person. It is noteworthy that she runs a charity work. In 2008, Williams helped to fund the construction of the Serena Williams Secondary School in Kenya. Furthermore, she donated a great amount of money for breast cancer research. What’s more, in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Williams, along with other sportspeople decides to forgo their final day of preparation for the competition only to form a charity event in which all proceeds would go to the Haiti earthquake victims. Finally, rarely does she not attend the UNICEF organization event.

To sum up, Serena Williams is a great tennis champion with a golden heart. She is a good example for both young athletes and people! I hope I persuaded you that she is one of the best! And remember. Not all champions are selfish and cynic, due to fame and success.

Take care.

Kate ❤

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