The Versatile Blogger Award !

Hello everyone!!!

Our blog ” The Fashion And Mind … TRavel” has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

We have to admit that we didn’t expect it , because the blog is only one month old!

However we are extremely HAPPY and EXCITED!

We would like to thank Candice from the bottom of our hearts for her nomination and appreciation of our posts. We suggest with eyes closed to check out her blog and follow her! We’re sure you won’t regret it and you’ll love her posts as much as we do! ❤

So what exactly is the award?

Great question! Let me explain it to you. The Versatile Blogger Award is about us, opening up and sharing 7 things about ourselves that you, our followers and sharers of the fashion and mind .. travel! , probably don’t already know.

So let’s start! 7 things about the FT & MT !!!

  1. Firstly, I have to tell you our real names! My name is Kate, aka The FashionTraveller and my partner’s ( in crime) is Leyla, aka The MindTraveller.
  2. I love music and play both piano and guitar. Leyla is keen on drawing and painting. She is amazing! True Talent!

  3. We are best friends! I love her very much and so does she. I think :/ … Well anyway!

  4. We both love Fashion ! However, we don’t have the same taste in clothes or anything else, really! Sometimes I wonder how are we still friends…

This pic just says it all!
  1. Hey…Let me tell you a secret!  Our charecters are totally different. Leyla is very cheerful and always happy, very outgoing. I couldn’t say that for myself. I’m more …. well…I’m diffrent and by no means happy all the time. I’m serious.
  • But when we are together… God help us! We are totally goofballs and stupid.

  • Finally, Leyla and I have also many friends, but no one is that close. We tell everything to each other! Our friendship is precious and I hope we are like this as the time passes. I always remember that no one loves you like your family and Best Friend.

  • Last year's trip to Berlin! Whatching Fifa World Cup!
    Last year’s trip to Berlin! Whatching Fifa World Cup!

    No that I told you all this, I have to nominate 7 other bloggers myself. Well….It’s the Final Countdown….   ( music plays ) . Here we go!

    1. ViVaLaViv 
  • ottohandling

  • Who’s that Blonde

  • Let’s get Fisico

  • Maria Z

  • Find A Way by JWP  

  • 7. Sassarella Says

    That’s all, folks! 😉

    I hope you enjoyed this post! I personally loved writing it!

    Remember to Like, Share and Comment! 😀 

    Take care,

    Kate ❤

    P.S. I hope you, lovelies, will play along, but always remember that you are free to decline.


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