Contouring: The Craze I’m Just Not Feeling

I couldn’t agree more! This point of view is very realistic. I deem that I am not the only one that feel the same way about Kardashian’s “trends” that are more likely created in order to make more money for them and corrupt the female population! ❤ I believe that every person is beautiful in its own way. NOBODY is perfect! People have to realize that ! 😉 And leave us,women, alone. After all, who cares if your nose looks a little crooked in your instagram picture? Really!
In order to be beautiful, you have to believe it yourself , first! And the people who can’t see your true beauty, are not worth even looking at . That’s the only advice I have to give you.
Take Care!

Who's That Blonde

The world seems to have gone contouring mad. Direct contouring. Lip contouring. Boob contouring. Even Bloody CLOWN CONTOURING! What on earth is going on? Anything promoted by Kim Kardashian (in my eyes) should be vastly ignored, but it seems every day, women are literally following in her footsteps, and painting their faces on.

I’m not so naive that I can’t see the benefits. It does slim a larger bridged nose, it does accentuate cheek bones, it does make you look like a greek goddess in Instagram selfies. But normalising changing your appearance by such a large amount? Not for me. Whatever happened to using makeup to simply highlight your good points? Is this no longer enough?

On a practical sense, I just don’t understand where the funds & time comes from for the women who choose to contour daily. A basic tutorial will advise you to have 4 different shades of concealer, various bronzers and…

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