About Us!!!

Hello everyone!!!<3

We’re The Fashion and Mind Travellers!!! We ‘ve started this blog to share with you our passion for travelling lifestyle and fashion.We are here to cheer you up and make your life better!

Any comments and/or suggestions are more than welcome!!!

I hope you can enjoy reading our blog as much as we do editing it!

Thank you in advance!


The Fashion and Mind Travellers!!

P.S. Follow us on Instagram; @korinasamos  and on Twitter; @TheFTraveller 

And if you wanna talk with us then our snapchat is @katerinala

E-Mail address; katerinala72@gmail.com

I’d love to talk to you all! 

4 thoughts on “About Us!!!

    1. Hello! I’m really happy that you liked my blog! I appreciate it very much! I must say that I found your blog very interesting, as well. Feel free to repost anything, if you like it! I love sharing my thoughts and opinions with other people, so let me know what you think by simply leaving a comment or like.<3 ❤


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